FBackup 7.3 Build 373 – Backup and restore data

FBackup 7.3 Build 373 – Backup and restore data
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FBackup is a powerful data backup and recovery software that is able to work automatically with great convenience and time savings. Users only need to specify the files and folders they want to back up, and the program will complete the task of analyzing and processing the data. It supports backup of external hard drive, internal network or network.


  • It’s free for commercial and personal use.
  • Save your backups automatically at certain times
  • Provide backups of zip files with Zip64 compression, which also allows you to create up to 2GB Zip files.
  • Capable of encrypting backup files.
  • Provide accurate copies of files using the clone backup feature.
  • Automatically perform various operations such as “Backup” after or before it is ready.
  • Simple to use plus two main functions for backup and restore. FBackup, along with user-friendly wizards, can help people easily.
  • Weekly updates let you know when you download a new software version. This feature can also be disabled manually.
  • Ability to store backups in different folders as per your requirement.
  • Backup plugins for specific job settings or data retrieval, and so on
  • If during a backup, a file is being used by another software, FBackup can still back it up.
  • Support for different languages ​​for software interfaces.

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