L0phtCrack Enterprise 7.1.0

L0phtCrack is an advanced password recovery and checking software. This software can be used to check the strength of passwords as well as recover lost Windows passwords. It uses sophisticated algorithms and techniques to recover passwords using brute-force, dictionary, hybrid, and rainbow tables.

L0phtCrack  is packed with powerful features, multi-processor algorithms and network monitoring and decoding. It provides an easy-to-understand scoring metric to quickly assess the quality of passwords and determine the strength of passwords (weak, medium, strong, or failing).


L0phtCrack Enterprise  comes with many new methods and sources for password retrieval. It supports GPU crashes, supports local and remote machines with built-in reporting and fixes, and other excellent testing features.

Main function:

  • Determine the power of the password
  • Extended security audit and reporting
  • Enter and crack Windows & Unix passwords
  • Powerful scheduling and processing
  • Password cracking and super fast check
  • Intuitive and easy to use with wizard
  • Local, remote, disk and network support
  • Support password hash, and more.

What’s new in  L0phtCrack 7 :

  • Improved Unix password recovery support
  • Auditors are highly appreciated
  • New can be extended with plug-in interface
  • Support for new GPU crashes and more
  • Import and support new password hash
  • New performance hundreds of times faster
  • Bug fixes and other improvements.

Installation Instructions

  1. Download and extract the file
  2. Open the installation and normal installation
  3. Run Keygen, fill in the information to get Key
  4. Use the key to activate offline
  5. Accomplished.

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Download Software (Pass: phanmemtop.net)
Download Link


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