LaunchControl 1.40 – Create, manage, and debug launch

LaunchControl 1.40 – Create, manage, and debug launch
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LaunchControl for Mac is a user-friendly system utility, specially designed to support the Launchd service management framework. Thanks to LaunchControl for Mac, users are fully capable of monitoring the system and optimizing user services.


  • Intuitive interface – With LaunchControl you will see all services and their respective states at a glance. Invalid services are highlighted and incident descriptions are provided. You can enable or disable services with just one click. The same thing happens when loading, unloading and booting ad-hoc. Long job listings can be filtered. You find what you are looking for immediately. But LaunchControl is not just another .plist editor. It provides a dedicated interface for every single launchd configuration key. Interface is adaptive. It only shows relevant information for the selected task.
  • Absolute Freedom – While the default editing mode in LaunchControl supports all of the features that are documented by launch, sometimes you may need to use unofficial features. Switch to ‘Expert Mode’ and set it up. Both modes are completely synchronized. Changes in an editor will show up immediately in another editor.
  • Everything you need – LaunchControl provides everything you need to create, edit, remove or debug startup services. It even includes a diary viewer, so you do not have to enable and create custom queries.
  • Discover what’s possible – launchd is currently supporting some 36+ document locks. LaunchControl makes it easy to discover them. Each key in the palette panel is annotated, so you do not need to refer to the man page. Search for them by category, name or description. Once found, drag an item from the color palette into the configuration to add this key.

New feature

  • Warning about KeepAlive / SuccessfulExit <> RunAtLoad conflict
  • Added troubleshooting tips for perfectly valid tasks that are still not working
  • Problem uninstalling the helper tool when switching to custom Daemon


  • Intel 64 bit processor
  • OS X 10.7 or later

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