(PES 2017) PTE Patch V2.0

PTE Patch V2.0 is the next patch of PTE Patch V1.0. This release includes Patch V1.0, so installation of V1.0 is not required.

The content is updated in this version.

  • All Bundesliga is licensed (Teams, kits, managers, squad and tactics).
  • Information about the new Bundesliga player – All stats are transferred from FIFA 17, except for players present in PES 16 (although we have updated some of them). Features and launches are updated for all players,. The physical attributes are edited (arm length, chest measurement, etc.) for all players, to give a more detailed view, in this way they are not the same. We have edited some of the celebrations of the players and movements (like free kicks) too, players are also updated in the next version of the patch.
  •  Information about the new Bundesliga kits – Includes 3 kits, combinations, euros and fonts and real numbers.
  •  Updated the kits for Hull City, Porto, Barcelona, ​​Celta de Vigo, Real Madrid, Sevilla, Valencia, Juventus, Milan, Sassuolo, Bayern Munchen, Schalke, Colombia.
  •  Identified rogue players in Brasileirão.
  •  New file / new update.
  •  Added aerial view for Camp Nou.
  •  Updated management for all tournaments on games based on KONAMI Live Update.
  •  KONAMI Online Update is being deployed
  •  Online compatibility (Do not forget to apply Online mode in the selector)

Installation instructions

  1. Download and extract the file
  2. Run the setup.exe file to install
  3. Select the path to the FES 2017 installation drive
  4. Normal installation to completion.
  5. Open up and enjoy.

Download PTE Patch PES 2017 V2.0 (498MB)


Link Google Drive



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